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WE HAVE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE with 100% job success

Rio Chem is a leading company for the supply and distribution of chemical raw materials in the Levant. We serve the industries of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, detergents, paints, textiles, plastics, and foodstuffs. We have developed and promoted several local industries by keeping our customers up to date with the latest materials.

Rio Chem name become very popular during the global pandemic in the year 2020. We are proud to say that we were able to secure all the requirements of our customers during the period of global shortage and the increasing demand for some raw materials, and we were keen to keep all their factories operating by developing exceptional work plans and searching for new suppliers and New ways to keep the supply chain running in these unusual conditions

Our Mission

  • Providing our customers needs on time and at the lowest cost
  • Constantly searching for the best products from the best suppliers
  • Providing the necessary support to our customers to keep pace with global developments by providing them with the latest news and technologies related to their industry
  • Supporting emerging industrial projects by providing advice and guidance to purchase the necessary equipment and machinery and providing raw materials, chemical formulations and samples necessary to start their projects

Our view

  • to become Rio Chem one of the most important primary chemical suppliers in the Middle East and the world

Our Values

  • Building reputation and trust is more important than building wealth
  • Social relations at work, the secret of success
  • Continuous development brings continuous success